Ripley Davenport in the Gobi desert in 2011.

Ripley Davenport is a British explorer, adventurer and Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis In 2011, his
accomplishments range from leading an international team on a 1000 mile journey, on foot, across the Altai Mountains and Gobi Desert in 2011.
It was an expedition that established many notable achievements, which included an education through expedition program to over 30 schools
and hundreds of pupils around the world. He was the first to attempt a solo and unsupported traverse across Mongolia in 2010 and the first
person to swim the length of the Kenmare River in Ireland, a non-stop 26 mile/42km self sufficient adventure swim alone and without boat

Ripley is an owner of three businesses, a brand ambassador, motivational speaker and a search and rescue volunteer. He has travelled
throughout Europe, Asia, Northern and Southern America, the Falkland Islands and South Georgia in the southern Atlantic Ocean, the Greater
and Lesser Antilles (West Indies) and regions in Africa, such as Ghana and Namibia.

Ripley Davenport: Adventurer
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Beyond First Aid

His enthusiasm for the wild, untamed
places are essential principles in his life.
He was a regular average Joe facing similar
life struggles like most. Along the way he
learnt some very hard lessons, confronted
many obstacles and achieved against all
odds. Ripley has experienced failure,
despair and disappointment, made bad
decisions, acted on impulse and suffered
as a consequence.


Each adventure requires determination,
dedication, passion, goal-setting,
perseverance, self-motivation, overcoming
setbacks, confidence and ambition and the
wonderful assistance from the following
companies and organisations that make it
all possible.
Ripley is proud to be sponsored by
numerous companies, organisations and
individuals worldwide.

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Ripley's story is a journey of self-discovery
and perseverance, which he believes has
defined the individual he is today.
Ripley talks about courage, vision, failure,
risk-taking, overcoming adversity and
achieving the impossible, no matter how
steep the odds and living with Multiple
It's a story of dedication, disappointment,
radical changes and pride.

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Ripley Davenport as a Motivational Speaker
About Ripley Davenport
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Ripley Davenport: Adventurer

Ripley is taking to the sea for another swimming challenge. He has announced an attempt to swim the Malta Channel from Sicily to Gozo, a
distance of about 82km/52 miles, which is roughly the equivalent of swimming the English Channel two and a half times. Ripley will depart from
Sicily on May 21st and swim until he reaches terra firma on Gozo on the 22nd May, 2016.

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