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DEC 2015/JAN 2016

Rescue Swimmer
Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS)


My Random Act Of Kindness.
A voluntary rescue mission as a
rescue swimmer on board the
Migrant Offshore Aid Station ERRV
ship 'Topaz Responder' in the Eastern
Aegean to prevent loss of life at sea.

I'm Ripley Davenport. I am an explorer, adventurer,
entrepreneur, pragmatist, nutter and wrestler of a vivid
imagination. I'm also: a son, a superhero, a father, a
husband, all round nice bloke and a regular average Joe
facing similar life struggles like most. Along the way I've
learnt some very hard lessons, confronted many obstacles
and achieved against all odds. I've experienced failure,
despair and disappointment, made bad decisions, acted on
impulse and suffered as a consequence.

I've always been fascinated in that extraordinary point
between adventure and personal limitations. Both of them
on their own aren't as exciting as when they collide.
I continually make every effort to understand and balance
both, so that I can develop as a person and generate positive
and meaningful memories of my life.

My revamped website is an updated reflection of my wacky
adventures and growth. It has evolved into a hub to
document my journey in adventure and other ephemera of
Ripley Davenport | Explorer, Adventurer and Entrepreneur
Ripley Davenport | Sponsored by Huub Design | Freediving | Swimming
APRIL 2016

Ultra Marathon
Personal Challenge & Adventure


I decided to set the bar ridiculously
high with an Ultra Marathon. This
was a first for me. I had never
attempted a half marathon, full
marathon let alone an Ultra before so
this was new ground.
Internet Troll | Ripley Davenport
APRIL 2015

Kenmare River Adventure Swim
Personal Challenge & Adventure


A crazy and successful attempt at a
26.6 mile/42.8km solo self-sufficient
swim in icy seas without boat
support, totally alone, towing my
entire provisions on a sit-on-top
kayak in 11 hours and 47 minutes.