Ripley Davenport has announced a new challenge that will test his resilience and talent to new levels. He will attempt an 850-mile ultra
adventure swim round Ireland in 2016. It is an enormous challenge mentally, physically and emotionally battling cold, monotony, fatigue, storms,
jellyfish, hunger, and isolation. When successful, he will be the first person to have swum the entire distance around Ireland.

He will attempt the arduous task of swimming the 850-miles in a clockwise direction to go with prevailing winds and currents battling the
Atlantic Ocean. He will then head across the crown of Northern Ireland and into the narrow Northern Channel heading south through the Irish
Sea and Saint George's Channel and into the Celtic Channel. Then it's homeward bound back into the Atlantic Ocean finishing at his start point
in Derrynane, County Kerry.

Ripley, equipped with wetsuit, thermal swim hat, and swim mask, will swim in sea temperatures between 10-17°C, (50-63°F) up to 12 hours per
day. His Round Ireland Ultra Adventure Swim will take him over high Atlantic swells, through furious storms, heavy squalls and adverse weather.
Ripley will have an interactive tracker, which will enable you to track his progress in near real-time.  The tracker will use the GPS satellite
network and update the map and stats using Google Earth.

The magnitude of this swim has many elements that reach beyond anything that Ripley has ever attempted. It will require tremendous physical
and mental strength as he confronts the sea in an ambitious adventure, an indisputable test of human endurance. The Round Ireland Ultra
Adventure Swim ultimately conveys a message to everyone that you can make a change and anything is possible and anyone can achieve a
dream that transcends all boundaries.

As a warm up and a prelude to the 850-mile ultra adventure swim, Ripley will also attempt a
self supported open water swim on May 23rd 2015, a
distance covering approximately 25-miles from O Carroll's Cove to Kenmare in County Kerry.
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Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis In 2011, Ripley will be fundraising in aid of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Ireland (MS Ireland). He was
recently appointed as School's Ambassador for MS Ireland.
The swim is approximately the same
distance as from London to Rome.
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