Nothing would be possible without the help of my sponsors and partners. I am extremely proud to be supported by many
innovative companies. I am a Brand Ambassador for powertraveller and RailRiders Clothing, honoured to be an Elite Athlete
Ambassador for
BRL Sports Nutrition and an Expedition Team Athlete for Expedition Outreach.

I would like to extend my most sincere gratitude and thanks to the countless individuals, companies and organisations both
past and present, that have given me a shove in the appropriate direction and offered positive guidance and support.


I do not exploit or use charity donations to pay for my adventures and challenges. I ask that you donate directly to the charity
via an official fundraising page approved by the charity in question.

While I understand that some people wish to donate in person,
I will demand that you contact the charity to verify that your
donation has been received. I will openly announce your name and donation on social media and/or my website, with thanks,
and hand over your donation direct to the charity.

I do not seek or accept financial sponsorship for any adventure or challenge. I believe it sets a bad precedent.
I am proud to work hard and self fund my adventures and challenges.

I will only accept a sponsorship or partnership deal that provides product or service only.

I will always give my time and resources, which includes speaking engagements to charity for free.
Ripley Davenport | Explorer, Adventurer and Entrepreneur
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