Ripley Davenport is an accomplished endurance adventurer, rescue swimmer, medic, and speaker. He considers himself a
regular average Joe facing similar life struggles like most. Along the way he’s learnt some very hard lessons, confronted many
obstacles and achieved against all odds. He’s experienced failure, despair and disappointment, made bad decisions, acted on
impulse and suffered as a consequence.

In perpetual motion to pursue adventure and to challenge both his mental and physical limits, Ripley hopes to inspire others
to step outside of their comfort zone and think about their connection with the environment. He has always been fascinated in
that extraordinary point between adventure and personal limitations. Both of them on their own aren't as exciting as when
they collide.

Now in his late 40s, Ripley will continually make every effort to understand and balance both, so that he can understand more
about his limitations, develop as a person and generate positive and meaningful memories of his life. Layered by the great
outdoors, travel, adventure, desert, sea, and humanitarian work, Ripley is known for his energy, warmth and undying thirst to
challenge the unknown, wild, animated landscapes and peak moments of adventure.

Ripley’s revamped website is an updated reflection of his adventures and growth. It has evolved into a hub to document his
journey in adventure and other ephemera of interest.

Ripley was elected as a Fellow at the Royal Geographical Society (IBC) in 2011 and granted Membership International at the
Explorers Club in 2014. Being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2011, he was really chuffed to be appointed a Schools
Ambassador for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Ireland (MS Ireland) in 2015.
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Ripley Davenport walking across the Gobi Desert in 2011.