Ripley Davenport | Explorer, Adventurer and Entrepreneur

I'm not the richest man in the world. However, I am proud to be a self-made
thousandaire! I admit that I have made plenty of business mistakes but I have also
been given some pretty sound guidance under some great mentors.

I fundamentally believe in bootstrapping. And I still believe in this process. In the
very beginning I had one employee (me), no revenue and no product and/or
service. Fast-forward to the present day and revenue is steadily growing month on
month, year on year and there's enough cash flow to comfortably pay myself and
seven staff and fund my wacky

I've always believed that clients will readily embrace minimalism, fewer choices
and greater consistency. Although my skills are pretty varied, I know that my
greatest assets consists of loyalty, interpersonal skills and a sense of humour.

I'm a founding partner of an international growth consultancy (formerly
davenport & davenport, Est in 2008), employing an international team of several
skilled professionals. We invent and re-invent businesses, brands and products.
With offices in Vilnius, Moscow and Copenhagen respectively, we provide
business direction for clients with a cultural edge.
To date we have jump started three enterprises, and sold two. We have helped and
supported several European SMEs realize their potential, establish and grow.

We live in exciting times. In March
2015, we launched a new and exciting
enterprise, in a new sector, which expands our range of services further reaching a
global market.
Ripley Davenport | Entrepreneur | Company Founders
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