Ripley Davenport landing a sea run brown trout in Denmark. Image copyright Henrik Leth.

Since a nipper, I've always found an excuse to go fishing. An
interest ignited by my grandfather using his heavy wooden
reels that resembled a ships capstan, and his rigid stiff
bamboo rods. My first fish caught on the fly was a plump
rainbow trout from a small over stocked Put and Take lake
in Norfolk, where I was raised. Since then I have travelled
the world with a fly rod, box of fluff and developed my skills
tenfold. Nowadays, I’m always geared up and ready for the
next fly fishing adventure with a few other fluff chuckers.
When it comes to fly-fishing I haven't forgotten how to
dream and enjoy the whole experience even if the fish are
hard to catch. There's nothing like sleeping under the stars,
sharing fine single malt and exaggerated fishing stories
with good friends.

I believe that there are few things in life that are more
essential than the peace and quiet and challenge of fly-
fishing. From my perspective no other activity presents the
same emotional and psychological satisfaction.

I’ve operated as a fly fishing guide since 2002 providing an
exclusive bespoke fly-fishing guide service in Denmark,
Ireland and Lithuania. Recently I've included Norway,
Sweden and Mongolia as destinations. In 2016, I w
ent fly
fishing in Montana and the Florida Keys a
nd plans are
already in motion to return to Big Sky country for 1 month
in 2018.

There is a rare satisfaction in hooking a small trout in a
tight pool, watching a sunrise and/or a sunset, chatting on
the river bank, admiring the countryside and wildlife. For
me it's a real chance to look beyond size and simply
catching a fish, where quality is more important than

I'm a supporter of Catch & Release regardless of size and

Global Fly Fisher Summit 2006
Global Fly Fisher Summit 2007
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