In 2011 I returned to Mongolia, the most sparsely populated
independent country in the world, to lead the Gobi 2011
Expedition: a trek across the fifth largest desert in the world
and Asia's largest.

The expedition I had planned would span 1000 miles or
1600km crossing the Altai Mountain Range and the
Mongolian Gobi Desert, from Bulgan a sum district of
Khovd Province in the west, to Sainshand the capital city in
Dornogovi province in the east.

At noon on May 26th we commenced the expedition. For
nearly two months, the Gobi 2011 Expedition team endured
sand storms, unrelenting desert heat, extreme temperature
fluctuations, blizzards, uncooperative camels as we
traversed the inhospitable, wind-blown terrain, illness and
even injury.
Ripley Davenport | Explorer, Adventurer and Entrepreneur

Her Excellency Countess Alexandra Of Frederiksborg Of Denmark
The expedition successfully concluded on the outskirts of
Sainshand on July 15th, 2011 at 11:40 ULAT after 51days,
11 hours and 40 minutes.

The total distance was tallied up we managed to cover a
distance of 1,136 miles on foot, using a traditional method
of load carrying in desert environments: the Bactrian camel
(Camelus bactrianus). For safety we were accompanied by a
Mongolian/Khazak support crew.

Sucheta Kadethankar became the first Indian woman to
cross the Gobi Desert.
Faraz Shibli became the youngest
Briton to cross the Gobi Desert, and
Christopher Schrader
became the youngest person to cross the Gobi Desert.

View the Gobi 2011 Expedition interactive map
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