For six years - yes, six (6) years, I have been fortunate
enough to have acquired a
cyberstalker, Internet heckler,
, late night SMS'er, and all round hater.
In simplest terms, this individual and his minute empty
headed fraction are all guiltless, gutless, shit talking, drama
starting, rumor spreading,  
pensioned off instigators of the
worst and lowest breed.

    "I’m just some naughty fellow somebody is obsessing about.
    Privileged that it’s all about me and my famous effed up life
    and stuff."

To understand why people 'troll' you first have to
understand mental illness. Trolling is a sign of someone
who is mentally ill, or who is emotionally unbalanced and
angry at normal people for some reason or other.

A number of key factors are continued to be used by my
gutless troll. Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 on this website sums
up my sicko:

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