At the age of 12, I went to Portsmouth to welcome my uncle
home from the Falklands War. Throughout the conflict he
had served on HMS Intrepid, one of two Fearless class
amphibious warfare ships. The homecoming made a
significant impact. Eight years later I enlisted in the Royal
Navy and began
training at HMS Raleigh, Torpoint in
Cornwall after a string of dead end, seasonal jobs.

I successfully completed training and went on to HMS
Dryad where I was awarded the Commander’s Prize for
being top student during SONAR training. This secured my
first sea going draft on
HMS Active, a type 21 (Amazon)-
class frigate and Captain of the 4th Frigate Squadron bound
for a series of Naval exercises in the Norwegian Sea, Flag
Officer Sea Training. On completion HMS Active deployed
for 6-months to the West Indies as the West Indies Guard
Ship on Hurricane relief and Anti-drug patrols/boarding
patrols. When HMS Active returned to Plymouth early in
1991, I took the opportunity to engage in a series of courses
where I qualified as a Ships Diver. Soon after I also
graduated as an Intelligence Photographer and returned to
HMS Active bound for another 6-month deployment to the
South Atlantic as the Falkland Islands Guard Ship
(Falkland Islands Patrol Task Force).

Prior to the decommissioning of HMS Active, I was drafted
to HMS Warrior, the Headquarters of the Commander-in-
Chief Fleet, in Northwood for the remainder of my Naval
service leaving with an exemplary work and character

For my entire sea going career on HMS Active, apart from
my operational duties, I was a Swimmer Of The Watch
(Rescue Swimmer) and the Ship's Photographer capturing
stunning images of HMS Active on station in South Georgia
in the South Atlantic.


In 1997, I enlisted in the Royal Air Force Regiment in for an
intensive 32-weeks of training to become a RAF Regimental
Gunner at RAF Honington with my sights set on No. 63
Queens Colour Squadron.
Ripley Davenport | Explorer, Adventurer and Entrepreneur
Ripley Davenport being awarded the Commander's Prize for being top student during SONAR training
Ripley Davenport (right) during RAF Regimental Gunner training
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