Sea caves can be a challenge to visit. Many of them can only
be approached by swimming and kayak, so it's an adventure
just getting to them. This type of cave is also called a littoral
cave. Sea Caves Formed in areas of coastal weakness.
Bedding planes faults and joints are all areas that can be
attacked by hydraulic action, abrasion and solution. The
cracks in the rocks are made bigger and eventually form a

My interest in turbulent adventure swimming, sea level
traversing, sea cave exploration and blowholes was born out
Coasteering. My interest initially began in County Kerry
in south west Ireland and soon expanded further afield.
The coastline hides a multitude of sea caves, which stretch
back into the cliffs along geological faults/intrusions. Walls
of the caves are vertical with overhanging bedrock
supporting encrusting sponges, ascidians and bryozoans.

Many sea caves are unexplored and only accessible from the
sea and at certain tides. To date I have managed to squeeze,
freedive, swim and climb my way in to many sea caves.
To date I have discovered and explored several sea caves
along the Kerry coastline, one measuring 98.37m/322.7ft in
length. Of course my
freediving experience would not be
complete without being able to access a few caves and
underwater chimneys. To date I have managed to freedive
inside many caves and caverns on Gozo on one breath.
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